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You Are What You Think (1 Peter) John MacArthur

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You Are What You Think (1 Peter) John MacArthur
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Added: 10-03-2014
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Description As I was thinking about what I might share with you tonight, maybe a little more personal and at the same time biblical as we stand on the edge of a brand new year. This is a time when people may typically rethink how they view life, reestablish some priorities, hit the reset button, hit the delete button and try to start all over again. Perspective is really important and even self-speak as it's often called today, what you say to yourself about yourself and about your own life is very, very important. There are people now who are, no doubt, mulling over the ambitions that they have for the coming year, the achievements that they would like to accomplish in the coming year, the direction they would like to see their life take. But before you ever get to those kinds of things, there are some other things that you need to think about in terms of creating a structure and a paradigm for how you live your life as a Christian. And to take a look at those, I want you to go in the New Testament to the first epistle written by Peter....

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