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Mysteries of Divorce, God Hate Divorce!

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Mysteries of Divorce, God Hate Divorce!
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Added: 10-03-2014
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This video will give secret insight on the subjects of Marriage, Divorce, Remmarried, an tell the differents between Fornication and Adultery. I also will expose the #1 Demonic Demon Spirit behind Divorce, and Remarriage/Adultery. I also will give you a few things not to do in your Marriage and a few things you must do to make your Marriage last forever, although there are different things that work's for different couples. The Bible is Law when it comes to Marriage and we must follow it; The bible says that the Man/Woman is bound to her husband AS LONG AS SHE LIVETH. This goes back to the Vowels you and your wife made in presents of God, thus joining yourselve in a sacred covnant. The Bible says, What God has joined togather let no man put asunder. No man made paper work can separate two people that God has made 1 Twain, One spirit, one flash. this is the mystery to the twaining. ( Your are bound as one Flash to Death DO YOU APART. God allowed Moses to put a bill of divorcement in place, but Jesus said it was never so from the beganing, and if we are to live for christ we must follow the laws of God before we follow the laws of man, although we must follow man's law only we it dosen't interfere with the word of God. God Bless.

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