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Blood Red Moons, what this means, Mark Hitchcock vs Hagee and Biltz

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Blood Red Moons, what this means, Mark Hitchcock vs Hagee and Biltz
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Added: 27-04-2014
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This video is a recording of the 2014 Palm Sunday Message, By Pastor John Abent, Author of , Signs in the Heavens, Bible Prophecy and Astronomy and author of the NEW PRETRIB MODEL. In this presentation learn about the coming four blood Red Moons which fall on the Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles in 2014 and 2015. Pastor Abent addresses Mark Hitchcocks, dismissive book Blood Moons Rising, that challenges both John Hagee's and Mark Biltz's conclusion about the up coming solar events and what they could mean. Pastor Abent offers some interesting NEW INFORMATION about the Blood Red Moons and how it may relate to a November 3rd 2013 Hybrid Solar Eclipse of the sun which does appear in Scripture, Rev 12:1-2. The Video is of the full service and the message starts at the 10 minute mark. He also challenges the current pretrib model held by most Pretribulationalist as well, while also presenting a new and more biblically consistent model for Pretribulationalist to think about. It changes everything! The new position answers many arguments against the current pretrib position.

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